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Frequently asked questions

What is the return policy ?

Mail order back to the address that was used to mail your product. Orders that have not been shipped back within 4 week will not qualify for return. Products have a maximum of 1 month to be shipped back if it does not reach expectation.

Can i cancel my order ?

You can cancel your order 24 hours after placing the order. If the order has not been canceled within 24 hours a cancellation fee will be applied.

How do i track my order ?

Track your order by logging into your account and selecting my orders page to view your ordered product. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number attached to your email. Fast track by tracking orders with mail carrier shipping your product.

How can i unsubscribe from blog ?

Go to your accounts setting and the click on the unsubscribe next to blog subscription.

Is shipping free ?

Depending on the product. If Season Finder is offering major sales, some orders will qualify under free shipping.

What happends if my order shows it was delivered but i have not received my package yet ?

Check the status delivery of your order with your mail carrier.

If i order multiple items will they ship at the same time ?

Every order is shipped separately and some orders come from different countries. Multiple orders will be shipped separately unless it is shipped from a similar brand.

Do you ship internationally ?

Yes we ship to all countries in the Americas, europe and some countries in Africa.

What if i do not know my order number ?

Your order number will be sent to your email. If not received it will be displayed on your account. Check track my orders.

If i do not receive an email how can i track my order ?

We assure you that after each order you will get an email confirming your order. Track your order back on Season Finder to see the status of your order. Contact us if you are having any issues.

Did you receive my return ?

We will send you an email confirmation that your package has been received. If you have not received an email call us and we can track the package with you on phone so we can both see the status of your return.

Where is my return refund ?

It will 5-7 days to get your full refund.

How can i buy a gift card ?

Go to the gift card page and enter all necessary information to complete your purchase and and start buying all the luxury goods on Season Finder.

Is my gift card going to exprire ?

No our giftcards do not expire. Once purchased your giftcard is active till you exhaust all the funds on the card.

How do i get my giftcard ?

Once purchased, your giftcard will be send to your designated email of choice. Once received you can use your card as you wish. If not received contact us and we will help you sort out the issue.